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This financial plan includes the following:

Two face-to-face meetings

At our first meeting, the first priority is to get to know each other. We then explain exactly what goes into your financial plan and address any specific questions that you want answered. We also supply you with a checklist of documents and information that we need to complete your financial plan.

After we have completed your financial plan, we have a follow-up meeting to discuss my recommendations.

Budgeting help

A key component of your financial plan is your emergency savings. Within your financial plan, we look at your monthly income and expenses. In addition, we make general recommendations regarding your budget.

Assets / Liabilities / Net Worth

Your financial plan will list all of your assets, liabilities and net worth.

College Savings

If you have children and a college savings plan, we will analyze it for you. If you have a child, but do not have a college savings plan, we will help you determine what college savings plan is best for you. Your financial plan will also address how much to contribute towards college savings.

Investment Checkup

Within your financial plan, we look into your 401k, Roth, Rollover or any other investment account that you have and recommend investment changes, if necessary. The recommended changes are laid out step by step in the Action Items portion of your financial plan.


Your financial plan will analyze what kind, and how much insurance you have. We will also recommend additional insurance if it is needed.

Savings Allocation

A key component of your financial plan is how to allocate your monthly savings. We look at your savings on a month by month basis and recommend where your money should go.

Action Items
You will receive a prioritized, step by step list of recommendations to help you implement your financial plan.


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